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Prices are calculated according to the number of source words, which means you know the price in advance. The only exception is non-editable formats (PDF, JPEG, etc.) which only allow counting target words. Additional charge also applies as their processing and formatting is time consuming (automatic conversion into a text format is not always successful).

Approximate prices are listed in the table; the final price is determined on the basis of difficulty of the text and required delivery date.

general text iconGeneral textspecialized text iconSpecialized text
Into Czech€ 0.06 / word€ 0.07 / word
Into English€ 0.07 / word€ 0.08 / word

I am a VAT payer. If you are based abroad, all deliveries will be subject to the reverse charge. Domestic deliveries are charged with the statutory VAT rate (21%)..

I use Trados for most translations. If there are repetitions within the text or I have previously translated something similar for you and there are some identical or similar segments, it will not only speed up the translation process but also lower the price you pay. I will tell you the number of repetitions and the number of matches with the translation memory when calculating your order.

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grammar iconGrammarGram. + Stylistics
Czech€ 4 / page€ 6 / page
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Czech / English€ 40 / hour

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