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European Commission

Ms. Vasickova proved to be a reliable translator with solid linguistic and formulation skills as well as a professional translation approach and methodology. She worked independently, effectively managed her workload while meeting her deadlines and keeping a very good quality of her output. She is organized and responsible. She has very good communication skills, which helped her to actively participate in the life of the unit. We have been pleased with the high quality of her translations as well as her friendly attitude. She has been a real asset to out unit.

– Veronika Salagnac, European Commission,
Directorate-General for Translation

Singing Rock

It is great to collaborate with Ms. Tomešová. She delivers translations for our catalogue, website and other promotional materials in the shortest possible time and she can also handle complicated mountaineering terminology and climbing slang.

Ing. Jan Zámečník, brand manager, SINGING ROCK