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Translating is not for everyone. You must have a thorough knowledge of the source and target languages, stylistic skills, specialization in specific fields as well as software equipment, dictionaries and terminological databases.

I am a professional English to Czech and Czech to English translator. I have linguistic, translation and legal background and seek to constantly broaden my knowledge and skills. I am a full-time translator and devote maximum attention to each job. I do not except translations in fields I am not familiar with or translations I am not able to submit in time. I use state-of-the-art translation software to ensure consistent terminology and to be able to work more effectively.

What I usually translate

  • Law – contracts, articles of association, power of attorney, excerpts from the commercial register, cadastral register, etc.
  • IT – user interface, documentation, user guides, website localization
  • Business, marketing, finance – promotional materials, annual reports, financial statements, internal documents (presentations, trainings) and much more
  • Subtitling – films, instructional and marketing videos

If you have not found the type of text you would like to have translated, please contact me directly. I will tell you whether I am able to translate the text or I recommend a reliable colleague-specialist.

My daily capacity is approximately 3,000 words (10–12 pages) but it depends on the type of text. For general texts with no complicated terminology it can be exceeded while specialized and otherwise demanding texts may reduce it: terminology search and consulting specialized sources is very time consuming.

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You won't repair the first impression. If you contact your customers with a text full of errors, it is hard to believe that services or goods you offer are of good quality. Texts are an essential component of communication and their quality should not be underestimated.

I have been actively interested in the Czech language and have extensive experience with revisions of various types of texts.

General texts

  • books
  • brochures, information materials
  • correspondence

Specialized texts

  • theses
  • product documentation
  • revision of other translators' translations

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Besides obvious situations where you don't speak a foreign language at all, an interpreter may be a good choice even if you understand Czech but you're not completely sure. You can concentrate on what you say, not how you say it, and you will be more convincing.

I have experience in interpreting for tourists, during business meetings, trade fairs and in negotiations with the authorities (e.g. foreign police). I am also able to organize program for foreign visitors.

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